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Technological village

ZITC JSC together with MIET runs a project on the creation of the first in Russia Technological village, a full-scale innovation complex corresponding the world standards and optimally adapted to be introduced in the technical and innovation activities in the main sectoral areas.

The functional distribution of work areas looks as follows:
- Office and laboratory areas.
- Scientific and industrial areas.
- Service and subsidiary rooms.

Office areas

To a considerable extent the great part of office and laboratory areas are provided to scientific and technical companies for developing the activity on designing of electronics and component base (ECB), development of nano and micro system technologies (MST), radioelectronic devices, informational technologies and telecommunication equipment, systems of data collection and processing and other areas of scientific and technological activity in the field of microelectronics. A part of office and laboratory areas are employed straight for ZITC staff for working in the field of technical and innovation activity.

Scientific production areas

A distributed network of Multi-access centres (MAC) on the basis of the Technological village for the purpose of providing access to beginner teams of researchers and developers as well as start-up innovation companies to the modern equipment and technologies providing a possibility of designing and organization of manufacturing competitive production in quick-growing segments of the world market.

The MAC network provides a whole cycle of creating competitive modern production in the electronics sector including the means for designing and production organization of modern ECB with the topological standard of 0,18—0,13 μm.

The following MACs are functioning at the present moment:
- MAC “Microsystem technics and electronic component base”
- MAC “High-accuracy assembling of electronic components”

The MAC “Microsystem technics and electronics component base” creates a modern and competitive electronics and component base and microsystem technology devices.

The process of designing ECB and MST includes three technological stages:
1) Designing of ECB and MST;
2) Manufacturing of ECB and MST photomasks;
3) Prototyping of ECB and MST.

Organizational and technical support of the process of creation ECB and MST is provided by the following structural units of MAC "Microsystem technics and electronic component base":
1) Design centre “Electronic Component Base”;
2) Photomasks production sector;
3) Design Centre “Microsystem technology”;
4) Plasma-chemical etching area.


On the basis of its own element base the MAC “High accuracy assembling of electronic components " units resources of 4 MACs:
- creation of printed circuit boards (MAC “High accuracy printed boards”);
- elaboration of electronic sets (MAC “High accuracy assembling of electronic components”;
- manufacturing of precision cases (MAC “Machining process and packaging of electronic frames”);
- implementation of the whole cycle of measuring (MAC "Measurement and control”).

The MAC line includes modern automated machinery for printed circuit boards production and electronic devices superaccurate assemblage.


The partnership relationship has been established by ZITC with leading world companies in the field of microelectronis, namely: Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, Compugraphics, X-Fab and others, making it possible to realize R&Ds pursuant to modern tendencies of world microelectronic industry.

Subsidiary areas


ZITC’s multifunctional conference-halls are destined for organization of business activities on a high level, the roominess of halls: small hall - up to 30 persons and big hall - up to 60 persons. The halls are equipped with modern devices for visualization of presentations and videos.



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