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SEZ "Zelenograd"


The 2006 was the year when ZITC JSC became the first resident of the Special Economic Zone of technological innovation type "Zelenograd" created in conformity with the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

 Awarding of the certificate of ZITC’s residency in the SEZ “Zelenograd”

The technological innovation activity of ZITC is aimed at the assimilation of basic technologies of designing microelectronic devices (ECB), microsystem technologies (MST and MEMS), IT systems and radioelectronical equipment in accordance with the specialization of SEZ "Zelenograd".
The adoption of the mentioned technologies provides the development and design of a wide range of high-tech new-generation production, which has a great commercialization potential.

From 2006 to 2008 the innovation infrastructure has been developing in the framework of technological and innovation activities. Together with its strategic partners, ZITC JSC solves the problem of ensuring the possibility of designing and experimental manufacturing of a range of innovative devices in the mentioned areas of technological and innovation activity.

SEZ “Zelenograd”, MIET platform

The key line of development of the innovation infrastructure is the creation of new infrastructure formations in order to provide the sufficient processes for a successful leading of technological and innovation activities, training of skilled personnel, technology transfer, scientific and educational base for a potentially productive area – nanotechnologies in microelectronics.


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